We live in a world that can thrive off of extremes; whether we’re working too hard or think others are not enough. We condemn the meat eaters while celebrating the latest vegan craze. There are those who exercise religiously, while they’re those that don’t at all. Then you have your avid savers and your “live for the day” spenders. Somewhere in between all these extremes, is a fine balance. 

Balance can always pose to be a challenge; not just because, like me, you may go into it with the best intentions only to realize your efforts are futile, but likely because you’re trying to take on doing it without understanding what you want your desired outcome to be. For example, I’ve given much thought to the idea of going vegan, or vegetarian, and I’ve realized that I enjoy meat and dairy and have decided to put more of my attention to continuing to eat a well-balanced meal instead. I realize some may find their diet could presumably achieve this in another way, but it’s all about finding what works for you. 

I don’t believe there is one way to achieve true balance. I think varying factors have to be taken into consideration, starting with what your ultimate goal is, what’s driving your thought process and if it will provide a level of noticeable benefit to you and those around you. For instance, I consider myself to be a very dedicated worker; I give one hundred percent to my business and my work but when a certain amount of months have passed and I find that I am able to take some form of a vacation, I recognize that I’m not performing at my most optimal level. 

There’s an intentionality I have to have about knowing that a good balance includes a vacation or getaway about every quarter. Knowing this about myself helps me to alleviate the unnecessary side effects when balance may not be attained. Is this to say things always go as planned? No, but at least I’m mindful about areas like this that bring balance to my life and ultimately make me feel more balanced. 

Take a moment to evaluate the areas where you find balance and those where you don’t. In the areas where you don’t, maybe there’s an opportunity to adjust the mindset or lack of understanding that may be preventing you from achieving your sweet spot for balance. It’s amazing how tweaking small things in how you approach life can allow you to find true balance. It can truly be a game changer in your journey.

Up until March 11, 2020 my company, Elements of Delight, had experienced a steady increase in revenue; a direct result of a solid roster of clients that came through marketing, networking and referrals. My business was built on a foundation of faith, passion, perseverance, and dedication, no different than other businesses. We’ve weathered our share of challenges while always being able to overcome them. When I got the first client call stating they would have to put a pause on our projects, then the second, and third, followed by several more, I knew Covid-19 and its effects were not going to pass without leaving it’s share of collateral damage. 

By the time, I received word on March 24th that my mayor was imposing a “Shelter in Place” order, it was clear that we’d be in this for the long haul. My business was going to take a hit, but the question was, how would I handle it. Instead of throwing a pity party, I immediately started to evaluate my options. While doing a little online research, I came across several grant opportunities meant to assist small businesses, like mine, affected by Covid-19. I filled out each application carefully, hoping that my efforts would produce my desired results. 

Each application stated their closing date, referenced their guidelines for the review process, and mentioned that emails would be sent out indicating their final decision within the next several weeks. This was my first time applying for any grant funding, but realized how helpful it would be to have some additional support at this time. As the email responses rolled in, there was one thoughtfully composed email after the other stating that “the need was greater then the current fund resources, and unfortunately I wasn’t one of the companies selected.” 

Certain that my company was just as qualified to apply for these grants as the hundreds of thousands of others, I continued to wait patiently as the remaining emails rolled in. You can imagine my excitement when I opened my final email and it read “Thank you for submitting your application for the Doonie Fund - We are excited to inform you that you've been selected!”

Though, I truly believe in my business and the work we do, this email was just the encouragement I needed at that particular moment. It was a reminder to me that in order to get opportunities, you have to seize them. I am so grateful for the funds my company received, but more importantly, I appreciate that someone believed in my company enough to invest in it. Thank you digitalundivided! 

There are those times in life that force us to evaluate who we are and what we’re made of. When situations arise that are out of your control or present obstacles, do you take them head on with a knowing that everything will work out, or do you get discouraged and take a defeated posture? It has been said that the mindset you take on will determine your outcome.

As a brand strategist, a big part of what I do is helping others find solutions and broaden their perspective in order to achieve the best outcome possible. Sometimes this is easy and the answer is revealed quickly, while other times it requires me to search, dig and be relentless so that the desired results can be revealed. If I gave up at the first sign of opposition I wouldn’t be an effective strategist and I’m certain my business, which is in its sixth year, would have folded a long time ago. 

Personally, I thrive off of challenges and have learned to make them work for me, both professionally and in my personal life. But, even stating this, I can know that recent events in our world surrounding COVID-19 have certainly directly impacted me and I’m having to adjust like everyone else. One thing I’ve chosen to do is not focus my energy on the number of limitations brought by the  impact of this virus, like not being able to enjoy the same dining experience at my favorite restaurants, only being able to give verbal greetings instead of hugs or hand shakes and adjusting to the new normal of wearing a mask when leaving my home. I think for me this has been the most challenging because by wearing a mask makes smiling a mute point since no one can see it. Sharing a smile with a stranger has always been something that I pride myself on. 

Though it’s true that we’re having to navigate through a challenging and unfamiliar way of living, the resilience that comes with readjusting to a new way of life also has the potential for unlimited possibilities. New businesses will be started, new hobbies will be found, new relationships will be forged and old ones reunited as new and more efficient ways to navigate our world will be created. All this is a result of just one virus. Humans are resilient and we will get through this period. My hope is that it brings us that much closer together. 


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