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Be Consistent

One of the questions I get often is, “what do you attribute to your success?” Usually, without pause I lead with, “I’m consistent.” I’ve learned that being someone people can always count on and are able to trust has opened up many doors for me. It has also helped me in my personal and professional relationships.

In my personal relationships, I’ve found being consistent has helped me build strong, lasting friendships - some that I’ve had over twenty years. Recently while chatting with a friend, they made it a point to say that they feel they can always count on me. I didn’t tell them, but their words meant a lot. Reflecting on why, I realized it was because it matters to me that others see me as a reliable person - someone that’s consistent.

Just like in my personal life, In business I also strive to be consistent. One of the ways I achieve this is by making it a point to manage my clients’ expectations. When I communicate clearly what should be expected and then follow up with measured results, a solid track record follows. Being a business owner for 8 years now, consistency has proven to be key.

There certainly are areas where I seek to be more consistent. One example is flossing. However, even with the places where I recognize there is room for improvement, I am quick to give myself credit in the areas where I hit the mark. The most important thing is the recognition and once you have that, it’s just about doing it…just being consistent.


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