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AdaChic Designs is a socially responsible fashion design company, focusing on end-to-end production from design to output. In the high-end fashion accessories industry, AdaChic produces leather and animal skin handbags. The company’s vision is to create global inspiration for women in the form of sustainable employment, training, and community investment. Each item is handcrafted using local African labor, resources, and materials. AdaChic began with a vision to teach local African men and women advanced sewing and other marketable skills, and to provide opportunities for the workers to economically boost their respective communities.

The company is owned by cousins, C. Nichole Thompson & Meredith Lilly, both devout to the economic development of Africa. C.Nichole holds a doctorate in Higher Education and Meredith holds a Juris doctorate in law, combined they have used their professional skills to contribute to the mobility of AdaChic Designs. Additionally, they are guided by a 5 point plan which seeks to;

  1. Provide global marketable skills and opportunities to men and women of West  Africa, with a focus on developing women talent.

  2. Establish an educational pipeline toward entrepreneurship within the region.

  3. Create a sustainable workforce within both Accra, Ghana & Lagos, Nigeria.

  4. Collaborate with US based companies that share a vision for West Africa and its economic development.

  5. Provide global exposure to the Africa’s natural resources.


AdaChic has been recognized by Ghanaian officials, local kings and Nigeria government for the companies work on the continent. Current efforts are focused on expanding the brand and ensuring job security for local African sewers, one handbag at a time.

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