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The full bloom of a flower represents the culmination of a process that started first with the planting of a seed. Similar to a flower, life also has a way of bringing into bloom areas where we nurture and allow growth. This could be within your finances, a personal or professional goal, or in your relationships.

Speaking from experience, I’m also happy when I set out to achieve a financial goal and reap the rewards of meeting it. It always helps me when I have a specific number in mind and I have a specific focus. For example, wanting to take a vacation, paying off credit cards from holiday shopping or wanting to increase my savings or other investments. Discipline has always been proven to be my best friend for my financial goals and each time I meet it, I am always so grateful for the benefits I get to reap.

Another area where planting a seed and being rewarded by a beautiful bloom is in our personal or professional aspirations. Recently, I have been giving my attention to some new professional endeavors, and watching them blossom before my eyes has been such a great feeling. I’ve been appreciating the different stages and all the things I’m learning along the way.

With one of the new endeavors I’m embarking on, finding the right supportive time has been key to helping me bring this new venture to life. Over the past several years, I’ve cultivated various relationships. I’ve always believed that finding people that are great at what they do, who also match your greatness at what you do, always equals GREAT! I’m so gracious to have people in my corner that believe in me. It makes a big difference.

Life is what we make it. You can create a beautiful bouquet of experience. This could be in your finances, in an area of your personal or professional endeavors, or even in your relationships. The first step, just planting that seed and staying consistent in the process. On the other side is something so amazing.

Not a day goes by that I’m not inspired by something. It could be someone’s well put together outfit, an amazing quote, or getting out in nature. Life is filled with all kinds of inspiring people, places and ideas. Gleaming from these things can really take your personal development to a whole other level.

I have some really awesome people in my tribe and I’m all learning and growing from them. For example, one of my clients, and dear friends, wrote an amazing book on perseverance. Reading her story, it truly inspires me to continue going after my dreams and won’t settle when I hear the occasional “no”. I’m not just inspired by people I know, many times it is the people I don’t know, the celebrities, fashion designers or athletes that I follow. It’s always fascinating to me the hurdles and challenges it takes most people to get where they are.

Traveling and having different experiences, I would say, is one of my favorite things to do. One of the biggest parts for me is the inspiration I draw from the history of a place; the beauty of its architecture, terrain and culture. Most times I bring things back from my travels that I can continue to glean inspiration from. On a recent trip to Cape Town, South Africa I was able to do just that. It’s truly one of the most notable places I’ve been and I came home feeling so inspired.

I am one of those people who love hearing an inspiring story or quote. Something about them always helps me transform any negative or unproductive belief systems into a more positive, “Can do” way of thinking. When I find a good quote or story, I am also the one that’s likely to share it. I figure if it inspired me, someone else would be blessed from it too…and 10 out of 10 times I’ve been right.

Inspiration can come in so many forms. Finding those things that inspire you can be valuable in living a fulfilled and happy life. Whether it’s getting out into nature, learning something new from an important person in your life or someone you don’t personally know but that inspires you. Then, there’s nothing like hearing a great inspirational story, speech or quote to add a little pep to your step. Whatever the way your inspiration comes, allow it to elevate and develop you.

There are various ways to exhibit self expression; one of the main ways is through fashion. Finding a style that works for you can be inspired by our personality, the type of profession you’re in or the latest trends.

There is no question that many times personality plays into the type of fashion someone is likely to lean towards. This is very true for me. I generally have a pretty upbeat outlook and most times you can find me wearing bright colors. Then, other times when I’m leaning into the cool, calm and collective Praise, you can find me in black, pastels, and neutrals. When you’re guided by your personality, your color choices and wardrobe pairings can be on a spectrum.

There are times where the type of industry you’re in is a key factor in your fashion choices. For example, many of my clients and those I know in the legal field seem to lean towards grays, navy blues and black. Then, in the entertainment industry, color, shiny and bling seems to be the go-to - the more they stand out the better.

Then, there are the fashion weeks that set the season's trends. Some people set their clocks by this. The moment the ready-to-wear variation of the runway looks hit the stores, it doesn’t have much time on the rack before it’s in your closet. As much as I’m one who loves to see the season's latest trends, it’s amazing how with time fashion seems to recycle. For this reason, I tend to pair old with new.

It’s amazing what we can tell about a person through their fashion choices. Whether it’s expressing your personality, dressing to impress in the boardroom or rocking the latest trend, have fun with it. And, if you need a little help in this department, reach out to me! This is a service Elements of Delight®️ provides!

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