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The old saying raises the question: Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? Much of how we respond to this question depends on our perspective. I don't believe there is any particular way to guarantee that you'll often see the glass as half full; it's my belief that you simply decide to do so. However, I do believe that being mindful of the positive influences around you, learning to seek the things that bring you joy, and practicing presence in the moment can increase the likelihood of having a more positive outlook.

It's true that we can only control ourselves, but it's a well-known fact that the influence of those around us impacts us. Being around positive, uplifting people can support a more optimistic viewpoint, just as the influence of negative, combative, and argumentative relationships can foster a more pessimistic and cynical perspective. Recognizing how others impact you can be the first step in evaluating the adjustments that may need to be made.

When you feel good, this naturally positions you for a more positive outlook on life. Incorporating moments in your day where you can smile, laugh, and do things that bring you joy supports this outcome. It's important to understand that life can bring its share of challenges, but if you make a habit of setting aside time for happiness, it can balance out those times. Simple activities like going for a walk, getting some sun, listening to your favorite music, or enjoying a good book can help you achieve this goal.

Life often tries to force us to reflect on the past or rush into the future. However, being present in life and in moments can create the best opportunity for an optimistic perspective. It allows you to accept what is and recognize the importance of taking each moment as it comes. To do this, you have to accept that staying in the now can bring peace and, as a result, a more positive outlook.

Choosing to be optimistic is a choice, but one that is generally nurtured with the right ingredients. Assessing the influence of the people in your life, being intentional about the things that bring you joy, and mastering the art of being present are key components. While we can't control everything, we can control our perspective. Make it a point to see the glass as full today, no matter what!

"B.A.L.A.N.C.E.: Most of us say we want it, but the problem lies in being intentional about achieving it. Finding balance in your life could truly be the game-changer you've been needing. There are a number of reasons to focus on it; it's said that we're happier, more productive, and it supports better mental health when we are.

They say that happy people live longer, and I say, 'That sounds good to me!' If you combine that with the possible correlation between some of the happiest people also having more balance, well, that sounds like a winning combination. It's possible because they've been able to find their sweet spot in the areas of their lives that matter most and remove the things from their lives that don't serve them or make them happy.

I'll be honest; I have not been known to have much balance, especially when it comes to work-life balance. But I made a decision about two years ago to make it more of a priority in my daily life. As a result, I have found that I'm actually more productive when I make time during my day, week, month, and year to schedule my time as it relates to work, other commitments, personal time, fitness, meditation, and even rest. The noted difference I've seen has made me continue.

It can't be understated how important our mental health is. While there are a number of factors that can contribute to its decline, there are just as many positive factors that can support good mental health. I've heard that learning to find balance is at the top of the list, and from my experience, I've found it to be true. Learning how to give yourself more grace, rest, and self-care, instead of saying yes to every invite, project, or even food craving, can really be beneficial to improved mental health.

Balance can be very different for each person. The key is recognizing when you don't have that balance and making the necessary adjustment or decision to get it. There is no magic formula, but it can make all the difference in the world as it relates to your happiness, productivity, and mental health, so don't you think you are worth it? I do!"

Updated: Sep 7

Have you ever taken the time to assess why we completely throw conscience to the wind before deciding to let doubt and negative thinking prevail? Is it possibly the result of a preliminary decision to allow your fear to rule instead of faith? I say, it’s worth investigating.

It’s not uncommon that the moment something new or ambitious presents itself there is that immediate feeling or thought: it’s either going to support navigating your faith or your fear. There is no way around it; faith and fear just don’t coincide. When this happens, instead of immediately making a running list of all the cons first, my suggestion would be to start with the pros. This sets a barrier that will start with positive thinking and will support our ability to lean into our faith.

By the time you've decided to approach this idea with an open mind, it’s amazing how all the potential benefits have an opportunity to surface. This gives way to you being able to see the viability of seeing the manifestation of this thing. Certainly, this doesn’t always mean that just because you lean into something with a mindset of faith, that there aren’t times when something just isn’t the right thing for you…but at least you gave the necessary time to access it.

No matter how often we might say to ourselves that we will not allow fear to run our decision-making, there are times when it will still try to creep in. If you have learned to make it a habit to live in fear — making it a way of life — you find these times becoming less and less.

Life can certainly test whether faith or fear wins. If you find yourself having to reprogram leaning into your fear first, just know, with time and intentionality this can be reversed. Faith will take you places, that fear only seeks to stifle.

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