Life has a way of taking us on various twists and turns. Sometimes these experiences are welcomed, while other times you may find yourself holding on for dear life, unable to catch your breath. There are any number of reasons this can happen. Recently, for me, losing my grandmother after the back-to-back losses of my mother and father have had me on an emotional roller coaster.

I consider myself to be a generally happy person so having to confront a wave of recent sadness and grief has been challenging. Unable to describe the void left from the passing of my loved ones has made me feel very vulnerable and the many tries could fill a bucket. But, I’m realizing through my therapist to embrace these uncomfortable emotions. Because somewhere on the other side is true healing that many never achieve.

My normal default when I’m dealing with painful or emotionally challenging situations has been to lean into my work. This time around, I’m realizing that time away to heal and process serves me best. My mind, body and soul have needed some re-alignment so I have been focused on activities like journaling, walking in nature and listening to uplifting music.

I know that unforeseen circumstances are going to happen, but how you deal with them is always where the greatest challenge lies. I’m realizing that I have to be patient with the process and give myself grace. When we treat our mind, body and spirits with care we create true wholeness. You’re worth it!

Updated: May 6

While I was getting my outfit together for an upcoming photoshoot, I was debating on what I was going to wear. I settled on a newly purchased Micheal Kors pantsuit, a new hat from my extensive personal collection, and a shirt, or rather a bralette, that I knew would add the cool sexiness I was looking for. I’d also recently decided to be adventurous with my hair. I’ve been hearing for years “blondes have more fun;” so I decided to explore this for myself.

The day had finally come for the photoshoot. My hair and makeup was done and I put on my selected outfit, ready to go. I’ve done plenty of shoots over the years, but something about this one stood out to me. As the camera began to flash, I realized that I felt beautiful, bold, empowered, and strong. I settled into this moment, realizing that as welcomed as they are, we relegate ourselves to believe that we aren’t deserving. Who am I to feel and look my best and showcase this in the world?

My answer: someone that is deserving! Daring to be the happy, confident, sexy, adventurous and unapologetic you is so freeing, especially with the shoot taking place right in the middle of a bustling city. As I posed, onlookers stopped to admire, cheer and compliment me. As much as their kind sentiments didn’t go unnoticed, for me, it was the fact I would have been okay if not one thing was said. Why? Because I felt what they were attesting to on the outside within myself.

Every part of this photoshoot was amazing! What’s even more amazing, is that I have photos that capture this memorable day for me to remember forever. Sometimes the best experiences happen when we take chances. I dare you to chase after these experiences in your own life. Life is meant to be lived so you might as well make it GREAT! I Dare You!!!

Spring has officially sprung and all the delightful fashions that can be found through email marketing, social media advertisements and store windows is in full swing. There are even a couple of trends out there. As the weather begins to warm up, I think you may like them too.

First up, is the pastels palette. You can find an array of pastel-colored wardrobe essentials this season whether in the form of a dress, the perfect light sweater, a nice fitting pair of pants or jeans, a fun tie (for men) or even a purse that can transition from day to evening. Finding the perfect soft color is fairly easy with the options of pink, purple, green, and gray; just a few of the colors most popular this year for Spring.

Up next, are pants suits which you can find in almost any color under the sun. I was recently out shopping and came across a beautiful fuchsia pant suit. Currently, you can find straight-leg or wide-leg options. There is a style to meet everyone’s style and budget. Suit jackets can also be found in varying styles from tapered, double breasted, one button to box fit. I love a great pant suit and am looking forward to rocking a couple this Spring season.

Wearing all white is also in, and that’s from head to toe! Pairing a crisp white button-up, blouse, top or sweater with a pant or skirt of your liking is a great way to showcase this trend. Adding white sneakers, flats or heels to this trend and you’ll be walking in style too. Compliment this with any additional white accessories and you’re sure to get noticed!

A few other noted trends are active and leisure wear. There are so many options these days. Almost every fashion brand has their versions. You can find the perfect sweatshirt and jogging pants combination to meet almost anyone’s taste. Pair it with a cute sneaker and you have the perfect weekend look for running errands.

Fashion showcases your personal style. With this season's trends, I’m certain you’ll find one to suit you. Have fun with it and make it your own. Happy Spring to you!