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Leading Strong!

Being the boss, the head honcho, the leader sounds great, right? But anyone who is a leader knows it’s not that simple; there is a cost. As someone close to me puts it, “the price you pay for leadership.” I have always interpreted this to mean the sacrifices, responsibility, and drive leadership requires. However, being a strong leader also requires a commitment to growth and learning.

Like with anything, there are levels. If you want to achieve notable success, commitment, tenacity, and dedication are required. And being a strong leader is no different. You don’t wake up one morning a great leader; instead, you have to develop into one. Taking the initiative to do things outside your comfort zone can be a great place to start. An example of this is being willing to lead or facilitate your organization’s monthly or annual meeting, accepting a speaking opportunity, or adding your voice to a panel, which can help you grow in ways you would not believe.

If you already serve in a leadership capacity, then I’m certain you had to meet the specified educational requirements. But, you may have come to a point in your career where, in order to develop into a stronger leader, you need to pursue more education or knowledge. This could mean taking a continuing education course, pursuing a certification specific to your industry, or even attending a leadership workshop, seminar, or conference to elevate your understanding. There may even be cases where going back to school to get another degree could be right for you.

Being a strong leader takes a willingness to grow and learn. While the road may not always be easy, it can be very rewarding. Don’t settle for being someone who is a leader just in title; push yourself to elevate your leadership acumen to the extent that others take note.

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