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What's in a name?

Over the years, I have given this question a lot of thought. At the age of four, I recall my parents proudly introducing me as their daughter: Praise Delight. Somehow that beautiful image of my name was lost upon hearing the insensitive jokes children taunted me with. I found myself dreading to say my name, defending its beauty against the unoriginal nicknames and alias that they would chant. But, with time and maturity, I recognized the gift that comes with having an uncommon name.


Having such a unique name, I have learned the importance of branding, not just your business, but yourself. Art, fashion, marketing, entrepreneurship, business, and creativity are all keywords I’ve identified with along my personal journey. I’ve never been one to believe that we are just one thing...Elements of Delight® is a Consulting Agency that embraces and expands this idea. Everyone needs support or guidance sometimes and I’d be delighted to share my experience and expertise with you!


Let’s get started turning your goals, dreams, and visions into your reality!


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