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I’m always in search of new ways to be inspired. If you are like me, you get inspiration in several ways. Some of my personal favorites are nature, visual art, architecture, and the written word.

I love being in nature and am very fond of being near water, specifically oceans and waterfalls. Over the past several years, I’ve come to enjoy other terrains like mountains, forests, and deserts. On a recent trip to South Africa, I was in awe of the beauty of the safari land there. Learning about the animals, vegetation, and reverse seasons in the U.S. was intriguing to me. Coming back from that trip, I took time to do more research to familiarize myself with more about this part of the world.

Art comes in so many forms and I can think of so many ways it inspires me. Music, culinary, and floral art come to mind. But, I’m a true lover of visual art whether that’s painting, mixed media, or sculpture. I was recently at the Atlanta High Museum. There was an amazing exhibit of the phenomenal multimedia artist, Sonya Clark. Clark’s exhibit inspired deep reflection and thoughts on how I can continue to allow my gifts and talents to be used to help others.

Since a young child, I’ve always been drawn to architecture. I enjoyed identifying various shapes and forms that can be found. And even now, I still find myself drawn to it. As an avid traveler, I’m always awe-inspired seeing new architectural structures. On a trip to Italy last fall, I found myself enthralled by the beauty of various architecture there. I look for ways to translate this experience into motivation when doing daunting projects or navigating new things. My thoughts are that these beautiful buildings were at one time just a thought, but that thought was able to be manifested into this beautiful structure before me.

Getting inspiration from the people, things, and experiences around us can be the launching pad for so many things. I encourage you to look for new ways to be inspired. That awe-inspiring moment could turn into something that could exceed your wildest dreams.

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