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Angel Flight Soars™

Angel Flight Soars™

Located at the Dekalb Peachtree Airport, ANGEL FLIGHT SOARSTM was formed by Jim Shafer in 1983 as a loosely organized group of volunteer pilots that helped out patients whenever possible. Due to increased media coverage in 1990, and an alliance with several other similar organizations (Air Care Alliance), ANGEL FLIGHTSOARS has taken off!

ANGEL FLIGHT SOARS is the original volunteer pilot organization serving those who reside in, are traveling to or through the states of:
  •  Georgia
  •  Alabama
  •  Mississippi
  •  Tennessee
  •  North Carolina
  •  South Carolina

We also have angels throughout the country to work with when needs extend beyond this region.

Our missions include: routine treatment flights, compassionate care, and other medical related flights as referred to us by health care providers. The ANGEL FLIGHT SOARS philosophy is that the cost of travel should never stand in the way of people receiving medical care.

Since incorporating in 1984, we have increased volunteers to over 1,200 pilots and non-pilots (earth angels). That is a lot of angels earning their halos!

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