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Authentic Marriages

Authentic Marriages

We are Jared and Kaara, the co-founders of Authentic Marriages, a faith-based, relationship ministry, designed to promote emotionally and spiritually healthy marriages globally. Jared is a double boarded, licensed Adult, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and Relationship Coach. Kaara is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Relationship Coach with experience in individual and couples therapy with a specialization in healing emotional trauma. Together we bring over 20 years of combined professional experience in the mental health field working with individuals, families and couples using evidenced-based interventions.

In our society it is not uncommon to find couples that are secretly suffering in unhappy marriages. Pride, fear of rejection and public humiliation prevents us from speaking our truth in an authentic way. Discussing challenges in marital relationships openly and honestly is often avoided. This subculture unintentionally creates an unsafe environment for couples to be vulnerable with friends, family and even those in the church! It leaves couples alienated and left to suffer silently in their marriages. When you live a lie or present a false narrative of your marriage, you inherently have an inauthentic marriage. This adds even more stress to an already overwhelming situation.

Here at Authentic Marriages we strive to keep it REAL! Simply speaking, nothing is off limits!  We don’t want to present a fairytale version of marriage but rather a realistic view of the blessings and challenges that every marriage may face. We hope to discuss topics that touch the core of people’s marriages even if it is difficult or uncomfortable to engage. Our goal is to equip couples with the tools needed to help their marriage become happy, healthy and holy.

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