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Blue Lotus Essentials is a small business that specializes in All Natural Bath & Body products! My company is based out of River Rouge Michigan and has been up and running for going on 4 years! I was inspired to start my own business because I was tired of hearing about all of the known carcinogenic chemicals that are found in everyday hygiene products that are used by people of color. I also wanted to produce a line that is affordable for all to purchase and I wanted people to be able to express themselves through their own products, and that’s when Blue Lotus Essentials Bloomed! 

Most of Blue Lotus Essentials products are 100% customizable by client, and we make products like fluoride free toothpaste, eczema creams, soaps, whipped shea butters, and more! We also make all Natural baby products as well! Blue Lotus Essentials has also graced a few well known celebrities with All Natural goodies! (J Prince, Amara La Negra, Keith Murray, D.L. Hugely) to name a few. Blue Lotus Essentials can be found on IG: @bluelotusessentials and FB: Blue Lotus Essentials

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