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Buck Davis is a speaker, consultant, trainer and on-line content creator helping people and organizations become more inclusive, happy and resilient. What started out as a career in diversity training has grown into a consultancy that helps individuals increase the quality of their work life and businesses improve the capacity within their work force.

He has been a contributor on CNN regarding diversity issues in America and has also appeared on QVC launching new products. His personal interest in happiness and positivity has led him to develop a thriving practice area in happiness and resilience.


Lately, more and more people have been asking Buck to do public workshops so their friends and family can have access to the same knowledge and information that others have the privilege of learning at company sponsored events. So, he is releasing short films designed to make your life and work better so that your life works better for you.

Check out his speaking reel here and get connected on Instagram and Facebook @buckdavis

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