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Camouflage Me Not

Camouflage Me Not

Camouflage Me Not (CMN), is a new initiative, designed to create a social awareness to holistically enhance the transition process for women and minority veterans. CMN means, “Don’t Hide Me” or “Don’t Throw Me Away”. We provide a holistic and community approach to alleviate transition stress by conducting needs assessments, key informant interviews, focus groups, etc. to lobby for policies impacting the quality of life of veterans and their dependents. Our uniqueness allows us to have a seat at the table with decision-makers, instead of providing a direct service for veterans. We know that this is where programs are created or the lack thereof.

There is a call to action to address the systemic issues that hinders veterans and their dependents from successfully transitioning. Furthermore, changing and implementing policies to invest in an effective transition process. Many times, veterans feel like they have been thrown away after they have served our nation.

The veteran community is extremely talented, mission-driven, with great insight. Some veterans have not been given the opportunity to share their gifts and talents beyond their military service. I truly believe that we (veterans) have yet to tap into the essence of our true existence. This is where CMN comes in.

Camouflage Me Not takes pride in rebranding the image of veterans. We (veterans) have never agreed to the image that has been forced upon us by society.

Our advocacy efforts will champion creating a transition wraparound service early in the service members military career. Indeed, extending post-military to eliminate transition stress.

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