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Evelisse Jones

Evelisse Jones

Evelisse “Eve” Jones, best known as the Connect Strategist “Princess of Networking”, has a true passion for connecting with various people around the world and sharing her expertise on ways to enhance business and personal relationships. Evelisse is committed to pursuing her goal by establishing her legacy for everyone to Win! As a recent transplant to Atlanta, Evelisse plans to continue in her mission to connect, encourage, empower, mentor and innovate women who are pursuing professional careers as well as serving in various leadership roles. Evelisse utilizes her strong program management skills and her leadership background to cultivate new business industry relations, while focusing on the expansion her Connect 365 newsletter, regionally and nationally through her intensive networking expertise.

Evelisse firmly believes that networking is how we grow and our time and commitment is how we develop into prominent leaders and entrepreneurs. Evelisse Mantas are INSPIRE TO BE A LEADER NOT A BOSS and Turning connections into powerful moves, which she delivers and pursues daily.

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