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Helen Rose Skincare

Helen Rose Skincare

Day Bibb is the founder and CEO of Helen Rose Skincare, a company established in 2019 as a heartfelt tribute to her late mother. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, to parents originally from New York, Day is also a devoted mother to two daughters and a passionate advocate for domestic violence survivors. Helen Rose Skincare is known for crafting handmade, all-natural, vegan, and eco-friendly skincare products that prioritize moisturizing, healing, and restoring dry, damaged, and irritated skin, all while incorporating aromatherapy to alleviate mood disruptions such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Day's journey began out of necessity to find a solution for her daughter's severe eczema, leading her to research and create skincare products that catered to those with allergies to tree-nut ingredients like shea butter. Faced with a lack of natural skincare products without these allergens on the market, Day embarked on her own path, meticulously experimenting with various blends of butters and oils. Her dedication resulted in the signature Cupuacu Whip Moisture Butter, which has become a best-seller and a cornerstone of Helen Rose Skincare.

Beyond skincare, Day's mission extended to support her nonprofit organization, Om Thrive, which she founded in 2018. Om Thrive is dedicated to providing yoga practice and wellness services to domestic violence survivors and underserved communities of color, promoting healing from trauma. Recognizing the challenges of securing grant funding, especially as a new and Black-led nonprofit, Day turned to selling her skincare products to friends, family, and local events. The success of this endeavor led her to transition to full-time entrepreneurship in 2020 after losing her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a domestic violence survivor herself, Day drew upon her experiences to create a unique line of scents for her skincare products, each chosen for their mood-enhancing properties. For example, Rose Petal brightens skin while imparting a calming effect on emotions, Lemongrass blends anti-inflammatory properties with soothing effects for anxiety and depression, and Jasmine Flower addresses depressive symptoms associated with menstruation and menopause, aiding in lactation. Day is deeply committed to providing a holistic wellness experience for her customers.

Today, Helen Rose Skincare proudly offers a diverse range of organic, all-natural, vegan skincare products, including butters, oils, toners, masks, scrubs, soaps, and soaks. Among their offerings, the signature Cupuacu Whip Moisture Butter, available in various scents, can be found at six Whole Foods Stores in Oregon and Washington, alongside their Cupuacu Lip Butter. Day Bibb takes immense pride in her journey and the achievements of Helen Rose Skincare.

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