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Hosea Helps is excited to announce the launch of their No Summer Hunger campaign! For the next 9 weeks Hosea Helps will be personally delivering meals to thousands of kids in need in the Metro Atlanta area. These kids rely on free/reduced lunch during during the semester and struggle to get enough to eat during the summer months without it. We cannot do this alone. Please visit or Cashapp: $HOSEAHELPS to sponsor a child today!

Our mission is to investigate and then raise public awareness about the many problems that are facing families and individuals that are at risk of slipping into poverty or that are living in poverty, and then to mobilize financial resources, products and volunteers to solve those problems and stabilize those households. From preventing homelessness in working families to providing emergency food for students, and from making sure that children have school supplies to delivering Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to the homes of senior citizens, we engage in a wide range of human services all year long.

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