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INDIVIDUAL  Spotlight On :

Mikuel Hicks

Mikuel Hicks
Mikuel Hicks is a Agriculture Business Major with a focus in Marketing and Management. The AGBS program was able to award me an educational internship in at Iowa State. In the AGBS program I was also introduced to  agricultural economics, farm product marketing and agribusiness management, which gave me the foundation on how to start a new agricultural business. I been selected for a position in the US Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture as a Student Trainee in Kansas, MS.

I’ve always been a friendly person who believes in accepting people for themselves and I think college has enhanced that factor in me. I love seeing people be authentic and that’s how I strive to be as a person. My college career was just as challenging and overwhelming as anyone’s but I’ve been grateful for every step of the way. I have had friends and family members who have helped me on this journey which taught me the true meaning of the phrase “it takes a village”. My village has been strong and supportive, to say the least and I’m very grateful.
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