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Mystic Circle TV

Mystic Circle TV

Mystic Circle TV provides a home for you to discover, experience and elevate yourself to the highest vibrations. Here, you will find nothing but positive, entertaining, educational and inspirational content that is sure to have you engaged! Available in 62 countries, we are creating an international movement!

Mystic Circle TV was founded in March 2021 by CEO and Founder, Monica Bey. Monica Bey is an International Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher who was born with a lot of spiritual gifts, including psychic mediumship and much more. The creation of this channel was a long time coming, as Monica received the message to create this network in a meditation sometime in early 2020. When the time was right to act on this spiritual directive, she hit the ground running and we are pleased to say it has been full speed ahead to success ever since! When you have the universe behind you, that’s what happens!  Monica wanted to create a positive space for all those who are looking for growth and elevation in all areas of life. Mystic Circle TV was born of this positive and forward moving vibration.

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