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INDIVIDUAL Spotlight On :

Nichole M. Bess

Nichole M. Bess

Nichole M. Bess, globally recognized fashion industry leader and Founder of Noir Fashion Week, began her fashion public relations career in New York with industry pioneers Russell and Kimora Lee Simons and Super Model Naomi Campbell/NC Connect. 20 years later, her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Vogue, Italian Vogue, Forbes, CNN, Ebony, 106 & Park, CBS, and Cosmopolitan, just to name a few. She found that seeing an entrepreneur's dream come true was both fulfilling and gratifying.

In 2022, Ms. Bess changed her trajectory by creating a traveling fashion week production entitled NOIR FASHION WEEK. NFW aims to empower BIPOC designers by connecting them to sustainable resources and profitable opportunities globally for foundational success in perpetuity. The platform has hosted over 35 BIPOC designers each season in Soho, NY. Since its inception, the unprecedented start-up has gained the attention of leading global industry leaders, press and invest-mentors. NFW is set to be an industry power platform with its disruptive style of inclusion.

Ms. Bess will be launching We Belong Here Global Master Class and Foundation by Summer 24'. These initiatives will help aid in the advancement of bipoc designers budding careers through global master class intiative held in Paris, France. The Foundation will cover the areas of Higher Education, Capital and Mentorship. She is consistently implementing creative strategy that institutes progression.

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