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PERFECTAHOLIC was created by recovering perfectionist Crystal Love. As a perfectionist since birth, Crystal recognized in her mid-thirties the toll that her perfection was having not only on her, but also on those around her – her friends, her family and her work. After a chance “a-ha” moment at a psychic fair, Crystal began the process of not only accepting that she was a perfectionist but also recognizing that perfection was ruining her life. Since that day, Crystal has been committed to recovering from the effects of her perfectionism so that she could finally embrace the life that had been waiting for her.

At PERFECTAHOLIC, we believe that deep down, most perfectionists are simply out to prove their worth. Prove that they are successful. Prove that they are attractive and desirable. Prove that they can manage everything that is on their plates – perfectly. The list goes on and on. For most perfectionists there is a deep-seated fear — fear that they’re not good enough and that others will reject or abandon them. As a result, they continue the toxic habits of people-pleasing, over-achieving, and perfecting.

The time has come for us to live our lives in the vibrant and wonderful uncertainty of imperfection. At PERFECTAHOLIC, we believe that you should  say goodbye to perfection and hello to the good life.

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