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Sammantha Johnson received her Master's Degree from Savannah College of Art and Design in Luxury and Fashion Management. Sammantha focuses on developing meaningful solutions to make everyday life easier. This may sound like a large feat but with logic and insight, Sammantha believes anything is possible. She thrives in app design, journey mapping, persona development, and data analytics. With these qualities, she has structured her 2019 year to consist of two major projects in the personal finance and hairbrush industry.

Sammantha wants to help people regain control of their spending and become more aware of their personal cash flow by building a financial management app. The app's slogan, "Know your spend. Become Mindful," is set to launch in Spring 2019.

The second project encapsulates the need for more consideration of the textured hair community—specifically regarding women of color and their hair brushes. Many women use their fingers, toothbrushes or large bristle brushes to slay their edges! Sammantha wrote her thesis on Redefining the Hair Brush for Textured Hair and developed a prototype to instill the ingenuity of strong women of color and develop a real edge brush that women can pull out of their purses with confidence and ease. The Rekindled Edgebrush nestles perfectly in your hand and fits easily on the go. Sammantha was inspired by her personal experiences leading to this moment, but understanding Madam C.J. Walker's story helped her recognize the importance and impact hair has on the black community as a whole.

Sammantha is very excited to help others and become a game changer in 2019.

Stay intrigued and keep believing.

Sammantha Johnson, M.A.

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