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She Still Smiles, Inc.

She Still Smiles, Inc.

It's important for you to know why CANVAS BEAUTY BRAND exists. I was a suicidal college student when God gave me the vision to create this brand. Transparently speaking, the night before the day I planned to end it all I decided to pick up my bible.

I can't remember what I read, but I remember the peace it brought me. That same night I had the dream to start the business. I dropped out of college and everything because I was determine to feel good and bring the vision God gave me to life. So when you see CANVAS, it is important that you know this brand is deeper than vanity. The vision was always greater than that. CANVAS is about BLOSSOMING AND BECOMING the highest version of yourself. The YOU that you were designed to be. I just create top tier high quality products that remind you of that POWER you possess.

The best part of this journey is all the people whose lives and confidence have been changed because of my products. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have experienced CANVAS BEAUTY!!!

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