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Shea Radiance

Shea Radiance

We started making products in our kitchen to solve our family’s dry skin and eczema problems and we found Shea Butter to be the ultimate healing balm.  We create beauty products inspired by the traditional uses of unrefined shea butter to help women achieve beautiful glowing skin at any age.

Our Shea Butter is sourced directly from women-run cooperatives to create  economic access through trade. In West Africa, Shea butter is called “Women’s Gold” because the income women make from processing shea nuts and butter creates a pathway of economic progress for them and their community.

By combining inspiration with science and our unconventional formulation process we create products that allow our customers to feel beautiful and powerful so they can change their world.

We believe that when a woman feels beautiful she can focus her creative energies on changing her world. At Shea Radiance we want to influence the way you care for yourself and others by creating products that make you feel beautiful, nurtured and powerful.

Inspired by the African village concept of community, the shared experiences of women and mothers, and the desire to feel empowered, independent and proud is universal. We all play a role in shaping that for the better. We choose to positively affect that global legacy of womanhood through beauty.

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