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Gboea Flumo is the founder of SpoQUEEN, a mentoring organization, that empowers young girls through the art of spoken word. SpoQUEEN also administers young girls with the support, guidance, and resources needed to become the queens they were created to be. The 27-year-old Liberian Native relocated to the Washington D.C. area at the tender age of two, in order to escape the brutal war in her native country. She is the current reigning Miss Africa USA 2018-2019 and former Miss Liberia US 2016-2018. She won both pageants with her powerful platform of, Empowering Young Women through Mentorship. In addition to these accomplishments Gboea is also an Empowering Motivational Speaker and Spoken Word artist.

"A mind without a voice is powerless. Speak to make a difference not just to be heard."

~ Gboea Flumo

Learn more about Gboea and SpoQueen here and follow her journey on Instagram!

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