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We mobilize community resources - financial, human, and material - to fight DMST through Prevention/Protection, Policy and Pursuit. Our programs are focused on ending the demand for sex with children and equipping youth with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves from predators.


Established in 2009, Street Grace is dedicated to bringing together nonprofits, businesses, churches, and individuals with one purpose-ending domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) in Georgia and beyond. In order to successfully fulfill our mission to address this $290 illegal industry in Georgia, we must stop the source of DMST-demand. To effectively address demand for DMST, Street Grace focuses on three areas, Prevention/Protection, Policy and Pursuit and has developed the foundation for each of these initiatives with the intent to be scaled and further replicated. Each of our programs include a comprehensive and actionable approach to ending the demand for sex with children and the devastation left in its wake. Street Grace has successfully catalyzed a change around the perception of DMST and its survivors, but, the work does not end there. Street Grace not only educates thousands of individuals nationwide, but also has created an artificial intelligence bot to intercept buyers before they reach our youth.


Street Grace is frequently invited to speak as subject matter experts to educate, raise awareness, and teach people how to protect themselves and others from the harmful effects of DMST and pornography. We have already presented our message to more than 63,000 people in 2017, and of these, approximately 51,000 were teenagers under the age of 18. Our Demand an End program is now operational in 14 states through partnerships with state Attorney General offices, with 19 more state partners being developed. 

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