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Ten Wilde Jewelry

Ten Wilde Jewelry

Ten Wilde is an all gold jewelry line designed in Los Angeles.
Always aiming for versatility through trendy yet timeless pieces,
every jewel is created with the multi-faceted gem in mind.
Meaning the ever-evolving, infinite, multi-faceted woman.

Established in 2016 by Tenisha Wilde, Ten Wilde is a direct reflection
of her personal style, which embodies her love for many styles found
across the world. Growing up in the redwoods of NorCal to the multicultural background of the Bay Area, and ultimately traveling the world in her late teens to early 20s - her style is all about being refined within the undefined.

With a range of gold plated, gold filled, and solid gold,
each Ten Wilde jewel is offered at an affordable price in the
form of versatile hoops, layering chains, pendant necklaces,
signature waist chains and more.
A gem for every gem.

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