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Radcliffe Presbyterian Church (USA) has partnered with Frederic Douglass High School in Atlanta, Georgia since 2009 through the Volunteer Service Guild’s DIAMONDS Program. In 2010 the Volunteer Service Guild (VSG) received a Mission/Outreach of $3300.00 to support the DIAMONDS Program. DIAMONDS stands for “Dazzlers with Integrity, Assertiveness, Merit, Orderliness, Nobility, Diligence and Self-Determination”. This enhancement opportunity for 9th through 12th grade students includes mini-workshops on topics selected by the students and Guild members jointly such as conflict management, problem solving, self-esteem, interviewing skills, etiquette, character building and teen health and grooming; career planning; community service events and cultural event activities during the school year. The Guild meets generally once a month with the DIAMONDS at the school from August through April.

From school year beginning in 2009 through 2018, 121 young ladies have participated in the DIAMONDS. The Guild are pleased to continue the DIAMONDS Program for school year 2019-2020. Sessions with the DIAMONDS occur on school premises when there are speakers/presenters. Other activities occur at Radcliffe Presbyterian Church, at cultural events in the city of Atlanta or in the community. Many young ladies participating this year are continuing from last year’s program.

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