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With over 21 years of serving as a Licensed Medical Professional, Kathy Walker, recognized that there was significant value of IV hydration and vitamin drips to aid in the recovery and healing of her patients. Thus, TK H2O IV Hydration and Wellness (TK H2O for short) was born! 

TK H2O is a mobile IV hydration vitamin drips business servicing the Greater Atlanta area. With a mission to provide exceptional IV hydration services, TK H2O offers a safe, white glove experience while upholding the highest industry standards. Every drip experience is personalized to match the needs of the client and each formulation is proven to be beneficial in an individual’s overall preventative wellness plan. Clients choose IV therapy as it promotes an enhanced state of health and immune system, reduces fatigue and the effects of hangovers. For those with an active lifestyle, the IV hydration aids in nutrition, athletic performance and replaces vital nutrients lost during exercise.

TK H2O can transition easy and accommodate the home, office, corporate events or hotels and even large scale events. Each complete set up includes zero-gravity chairs, IV poles and a team of professionals ready to literally, “meet you where you are” to help you feel better fast! 

“We did not invent IV hydration, but TK H2O makes IV hydration better!” Choose H2O and finally “knock out” whatever is ailing you!

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