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Trey Bryant is an Image Consultant, Lifestyle Expert, Menswear Stylist, Brand Ambassador, and sought-after Speaker. His company, Lifestyle of Trey, continuously strives to create a platform for helping men to feel confident in their outward appearance and how they present themselves to the world overall, whether with everyday wear or a formal event.


Trey has a driving passion for helping men to feel confident, both personally and professionally, through his mission of improving behavior, communication and appearance in the workplace, as well as in dating, relationships and everyday life. Because of Trey’s belief in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to look and feel great, he fosters this belief in others to help them achieve the same. 

Trey discovered his interest in fashion as a young teenager in high school when his father bought him a Rocawear and Ecko shirt and a silver chain; thus introducing him to fashion in general. From then on, began the evolution of his streetwear styling as he put together various streetwear looks for himself. While in college, he learned how to model, allowing him to learn even more about the foundation of fashion while developing his public speaking skills through becoming the host for an entertainment organization show and other various events that required him to speak in front of large crowds. 

Upon graduating from college, he started a lifestyle brand after realizing the multitude of young men who needed guidance in this area, which inspired his passion for teaching and mentoring young men in fashion and image. 

Trey is dedicated to offering his expertise in any way that he can! Think of him as the professional wingman for the everyday man!

To learn more about Trey, connect with him via: 
Instagram: @treybryant27
YouTube: Trey Bryant 

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