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Consider us your gateway drug to making our democracy truly representative and paving the way for solutions to urgent problems we all face.

Young Americans overwhelmingly care about climate change, affordable healthcare, student debt relief, common sense gun reform, immigration, and establishing a fair minimum wage. We haven’t seen action on these problems our entire lives. Why?

Our government doesn’t work for us. It works for corporations and the ultra-wealthy, and we all know it. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We face an opportunity right now to pass powerful democracy reform (the Freedom to Vote Act) that would get big money out of politics, expand the electorate, and guarantee the political power of our generation!

But no one’s talking about it. Un-PAC is here to change that. Throughout history, students and young people have always been on the frontlines of social change, and the fight to save our democracy will be no different.

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