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INDIVIDUAL  Spotlight On :

Wanda Battle

Wanda Battle

Wanda Battle is a talented songstress, voiceover artist, speaker and tour guide for her company, Legendary Tours, LLC. Her passion for legacy, the arts and storytelling are what make her talents the perfect combination for a truly engaging experience for any audience.

Adventure seems to follow Wanda wherever she goes, whether it’s on stage, behind the mic in a studio or through the historical sites of her hometown, Montgomery, Alabama.

Committed to love, respect and care for all mankind, Wanda strives for community-building and does so through the historical tours company, Legendary Tours. As the lead tour guide, Wanda embodies the historical relevance that her magical city has to offer while providing an unforgettable experience using the art of music and storytelling to a collaborative community that works to make life a better place for the next generation.

The knowledge she’s gained from her studies in Music at Spelman College and Biblical Counseling at Southern Christian University (now Amridge University), has afforded Wanda opportunities in voiceover projects, speech communications coaching, exclusive musical performances, panel discussions and featured keynote speeches spanning across

multicultural events, industries, companies,

non-profit organizations and more.

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