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WHOLE 4 YOU — is a multicultural-targeted, interactive, educational, internet-based resource designed to truly help women achieve better health. This health and wellness community has virtual coaching, webinars and how-to videos on living well. It provides women with information that educates, motivates and inspires them to get the health they need, the body they want and the life they deserve.


The Founder, President, and CEO Sheila Bronner also reach out in the community to make a difference. The Bronner Brothers International Hair Show reaching out to thousands of stylist with “Health Behind the Chair.” Sheila Bronner is also the Vice President and former Editor-in-Chief of Upscale Magazine reaching millions of people. She has spent over 25 years in the magazine industry, bringing to the newsstands a wide range of stories that address the needs of the most stylish and educated people in the areas of arts, entertainment, health, beauty, fashion, business, and news. Sheila is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from Spelman College. She has been married to Bernard Bronner for 33 years and has 5 children.

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