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Bring A Little Sparkle To Your Holiday

The holiday season is officially here! It’s that time of year where all things sugar and spice and everything nice can be found at your nearest grocery store. The twinkle of lights add a festive touch to holiday trees and exterior dwelling decor while the ringing of bells means an opportunity to give to a trusted charity. But, it’s also a time where the kid in all of us can have a little fun.

For me, this means deciding what I will be wearing to my selected holiday parties I have throughout the month of December. You can be sure I’ll have on my share of glitter, sequins and even diamonds galore. This is the time of year where you can push the envelope with colors, fabrics and different silhouettes. As if the holidays weren’t flashy enough, some of the colors for this season are bold shades of neon, Velvet Purple, Chili Pepper Red, Galaxy Blue, Ceylon Yellow, Eden Green and Orange Tiger. Satin, silk, feather, fringe, leather, animal print, houndstooth and even checkered print will be the fabrics primarily used in many of the fashions throughout the season as well. There are also a number of silhouettes making a comeback such as corsets, tailored suits with couture sleeves, lingerie and those special items from the 80’s; shoulder pads and glitter.

While fashion can be a time for fun, the kid in me gets to also enjoy all my favorite desserts during the holidays. Whether it’s hot apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream, fresh baked homemade chocolate chip cookies, store bought sugar cookies or a particular type of shortbread cookies I seem to only find this year, my belly is sure to stay satisfied. While these days, I’ve chosen to replace traditional milk with almond milk as I’ve found it’s been better for my body both internally and externally, one thing that hasn’t changed is the three ice cubes that are added to my glass each time. Then, there are those days during this time of year where only a big mug of hot chocolate with extra whipped cream will do. It reminds me of those old holiday times that have passed.

Spending time with my close friends and family always has a way of bringing the kid out of me in a different kind of way. During this time, I get a chance to catch up with those aforementioned which are guaranteed to be a great time of talking, laughing and reminiscing on fun times from the past. While our favorite music is playing in the background, there’s also a possibility that a board game or two will make its way off of the closet shelf.

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can at times be a little stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun. This year, be intentional about doing those things, big or small, that truly bring you joy. You’re certain to have these memories for years to come. Happy Holidays!


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