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Color Me Vibrant!

When I think of vibrant, the words bright, colorful, enthusiastic, exciting and energetic come to mind; all the words that put a smile on my face. Vibrancy can show-up in a person’s style or their personality.

Moving from Winter style into Spring comes the vibrant color palette with it. More bright colors are found on the runways, which make it into retail stores and eventually to our closets. I personally love color and incorporate quite a bit of vibrancy in my fashion choices and with my make-up. I even spread my wings with my manicure and pedicure colors heading into this time of year. It uplifts my spirits and I’m amazed at how many compliments from others I get as well. There was a time when I generally kept my nails and toes in pink or orange hues. Now you can find me in shades of green, purple and even blue.

Having a name like Praise Delight it’s assumed I have a vibrant personality. Truth be told: for the most part I do. When I’m out, I often get complimented on my smile. For me, this is one of the greatest compliments someone can give me. I try to smile as often as I can and for anyone that knows me, I love to laugh. I enjoy being of service to others and get such fulfillment out of it both in my personal and professional life.

With all that, we continue to experience our ever changing world, what better time to share your vibrant side with others. Whether through your style or your personality, don’t hold back on sharing your bright or energetic side. It’s amazing what it can do for you and for those you interact with!


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