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Everyone Wins With Mentorship

There are few things in life that truly carry their weight in gold as much as the mentorship ecosystem. I dare to say that the mentor gains just as much as the mentee. In this rich system, information and ideas have a way of transcending conversations to manifest in ways that open minds and transform lives. There are the benefits received by the mentor, the ones gained by the mentee and then those that our society benefits from when actions are taken through these mentorship relationships to cultivate impactful, responsible, empathic influencers and leaders.

I am grateful for the mentors I‘ve had over the years that were willing to invest time, energy and sometimes money to nurture my journey. The countless conversations and time spent fleshing out ideas helped me tremendously throughout my journey. On multiple occasions I was encouraged to think out of the box and it was instilled in me that though failure is never the goal, it’s going to happen, so the key is how you overcome it. To this day, I live by so many of the lessons I’ve learned through my mentors. Now that I’m a mentor to a number of mentees, it’s so rewarding to pass along so much of what I’ve been taught through trial and error.

I truly believe a community that supports mentorship understands the immense impact this can have in the life of an individual. As a mentee, you are able to glean wisdom from those that have already had the experiences you are currently in or seek to pursue. Though becoming a mentee for some starts in high school, for others it’s college, and for people like myself, it has been since starting my professional career. I am still learning so much even now as a mentee and I’m thankful for this.

Some of our finest leaders, athletes, entertainers and industry professionals are who they are because of the value placed on mentorship. As a result, their success affords them the platforms to touch millions more. Though influencers have access to touch more lives at one time the reality is, a society benefits when just one person decides to mentor another. I have seen how impactful mentorship can be and that’s why I never turn someone away when they ask to be mentored by me.

I believe that there are few things in life as rewarding as mentorship. It is my belief that the mentor, mentee and society all win in this fertile system. I have experienced being a mentee and a mentor and the benefits of both roles have cultivated the person I am today. I encourage you to consider your life journey and whether you should look at becoming a mentee or if you should become a mentor. Either way, you are sure to win!

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