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Fear Doesn’t Have To Be A Spooky Proposition!

Autumn is officially here. The change in seasons means cooler temperatures, incorporating fall attire back into your wardrobe and for many, football season; whether college or NFL.

With the Fall season, ushers in October; the month many celebrate Halloween or an alternate version of it. It’s generally a holiday synonymous with ghosts, goblins and all things creepy and scary; bringing to mind the word “fear.” This has got me thinking that just because we may see or experience fear, doesn’t mean we have to allow it to debilitate us. Matter of fact, I propose letting it be the drive to propel us! 

Naturally, it seems so much easier to operate within a comfort zone, but for me, I often have some of my greatest “wins” when I move past my fear into a place of uncertainty. This couldn’t be more true in my role as a business owner as recently, my company took on a new client. Though I was excited about the new partnership, I was a little afraid that my limited familiarity with their industry was going to affect how successful I would be at providing what they needed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

After our initial consultation, I did my research on the industry and found there was a real opportunity for my new client to fill a needed void. Devising a strong brand strategy, my team and I worked with the client to bring our combined vision to life. This is certainly an example where I could have allowed my premature fears to prevent me from the opportunity of working with a new client. I’m so thankful I was able to push through those fears, and conquer my vision. Working with this particular client has been so amazing in that I have expanded the use of my creativity along with much more.

I know it can be a scary proposition to not be able to know how things are going to turn out. But, don’t let fear be the reason for not doing, or at least, trying something new. You just never know, it may be just the thing that will change the trajectory of your life or current situation, which is a treat we all can appreciate. Happy Halloween!


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