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Finding The Silver Lining

With all that’s currently going on in our world related to Covid-19, it has brought stress, panic, uncertainty and instability, but, at the same time, it has united our world, our country, our states and our cities in a way that most of us have not seen within our lifetime. We’ve all had the opportunity to pause and reflect on the things that are most important to us - that we value and are most thankful for. This global pandemic has reminded us just how grateful we should be for good health, our friends and family and for our financial reserves. This crisis has shown us that the perspective you look at something will determine how you will get through it. 

The effects of this pandemic have hit me directly. As an entrepreneur, I’m a part of the small business ecosystem. Though, the services my company, Elements of Delight, provide are invaluable to strengthening brands we work with, they are considered non-essential. This has resulted in a loss of clients and loss of revenue. It has forced me to have to readjust my business model to support remaining clients, consolidate business expenses and be intentional about invoking the art of pivoting for all these things, in order to not allow myself to fall prey to a self pity party. This has reinforced that I truly love what I do, and that no matter what, I’m laser focused on getting through this challenging time along with my clients and the millions of other small business owners out there. 

In my personal life, I’d just started getting adjusted to being an Empty Nester. But, given the circumstances, like most college students around the world, my two children are home finishing out their spring semester virtually. Instead of complaining about what happened to cause our current reality, we’ve spent the time making meals together, supporting each other and sharing ideas. Healthy eating and exercise has been a routine part of our daily lives together as we navigate a new normal. Yoga, pilates and free weights has been my go to while my son is an avid runner and my daughter enjoys a workout that incorporates cardio and dance. 

I’ve also found significant benefit in setting the intentions for each day. Every morning I do this with 15 minutes or so of prayer and meditation. I generally find a scripture that speaks to me and reflect on how I can make the message personal to me. I’ve found doing this has helped with my clarity, problem-solving, stress management and overall productivity. With the level of cycling news surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, starting my day this way has really helped to center me. 

I realize it can be difficult to see the bright side of things, especially when everything seems like doom and gloom, but I can assure you, this too will pass. Until it does, I encourage you to use the time to do some self development; take an online class or workshop;  start or revisit a hobby, check-up on your family and friends, or take time to clean or organize that closet, room or drawer that has been waiting on you for months. For those of you that don’t live alone, figure out new ways to connect with your children, significant others or roommate. This could involve cooking a meal together, playing board games or strategizing that business idea that was put on hold together. 

Like me, I know our new reality has taken some adjusting. But, hopefully our time of sheltering in place will bring you to becoming more self aware, dynamic and  community centered than you were before. We’re in this together!


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