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Happy 90th Birthday, Grandma!

Wow! I can’t believe it!!!

My paternal grandmother turns 90-years-old on April 4th. But, to see her you’d never guess it! All my life she has exuded a youthfulness, both in her physical appearance and her spirit. “Dorothy”, as she is affectionately called, has always had a zest for life, a strong fortitude, and an undeniable love for her family and friends.

My earliest memories of my grandmother include her distinct flair for fashion. She proudly wore any and all things animal print, glittery, glowing, and shiny; the sexier and more extravagant, the better. Her outfits became complete with matching purse, shoes, and jewelry. My Grandma’s elaborate wardrobe is comprised of purchases made from any one of her hundreds of vacations and shopping trips to the Caribbean, New York, and even Europe. I’ve admired my Grandma so much because she accomplished all this while being one of the most disciplined and conscientious managers of money I know. My grandmother was the first person to teach me about life insurance, savings bonds, and the importance of having strong credit.

For anyone that knows my Grandma, or better yet, anyone from Pittsburgh, you know how serious she is about the city’s sports teams, specifically football. The people of Pittsburgh are very passionate about their Steelers and my grandma is no different. Being in a room when the Steelers are playing, though regarded as a serious matter, can be quite comical. The talking to the screen, the pacing the floor, the cheers when the Steelers score as well as the reprimands consisting of frowning and shouting when there’s a bad call or play. The experience is priceless.

The same passion my grandma has for her Steelers is the passion she has for everything. Whether it’s lending a helping hand to someone in need, being the voice of reason when critical decisions need to be made or achieving her life-long commitment to healthy eating and exercise. As long as I’ve known her, she has always kept to a strict diet that has including primarily of fish, vegetables, fruits, and nuts; though she has admittedly acknowledged her weakness for ice cream. In order to keep her girlish figure in addition to her impressive diet, she’s always had a penchant for anything that “keeps me moving,” as she’s been known to say. That includes dancing, aerobics, walking, swimming, and basketball.

So, to my Grandmother, as it nears her birthday, I say this: Grandma, you inspire me every day. I’m thankful for all you’ve taught me. Your steadfastness, tenacity, and strength remain unparalleled to many, and I’m so grateful for your love and support. Every year, like clockwork, I look forward to the card I receive, on time, from you for my birthday. In honor of you on your 90th Birthday, I want you to know how much I love you! Happy Birthday, Grandma!


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