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The Intention of Joy

When I was a child I recall the lyrics of a song my mom would often sing where a part of the song said, “I have joy, joy, joy down in my heart”. I would often sing these words to myself while I was aimlessly in play. As I’ve gotten older, it takes a certain amount of intentionality to be joyful. The holidays is the perfect time to crank up the joy meter. You can enjoy a favorite activity, spend some quality time with your favorite people or revisit a special childhood memory.

Around this time of year I always look forward to doing one of my favorite activities…ice skating. Something about being on the ice, going around the rink listening to the holiday music always makes me happy. I don’t do it as often as I used to. But, it never fails, the moment I’m back on the ice, there’s a jubilance that comes over me. I always look forward to when the next time will come.

For me, there is nothing like spending quality time with the special people in my life. I have an amazing tribe of family and friends. When I get to share a good laugh among my close connections there is nothing like it. I’m always fascinated by the positive energy felt through laughter. Then, there are times where having a really great conversation brings joy.

Reflecting on your childhood sometimes has a way of bringing up joyous memories. I can think of a number of them, but some of my fondest were the many hours playing board games and card games with my siblings. The game Life, Monopoly, Uno, Connect Four, Othello and BattleShip. As much as I enjoyed when I won, I found the most enjoyment of the togetherness we were able to share.

I try to look for as many ways to be joyful and spread joy. This sometimes requires intentionality; especially with the responsibilities that come with being an adult. But, during this holiday season try to create opportunities to experience and share joy. The world could use a little more of it! Joy, Peace and Love to you during this season and into the coming year.

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