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What’s Your Style?

There are various ways to exhibit self expression; one of the main ways is through fashion. Finding a style that works for you can be inspired by our personality, the type of profession you’re in or the latest trends.

There is no question that many times personality plays into the type of fashion someone is likely to lean towards. This is very true for me. I generally have a pretty upbeat outlook and most times you can find me wearing bright colors. Then, other times when I’m leaning into the cool, calm and collective Praise, you can find me in black, pastels, and neutrals. When you’re guided by your personality, your color choices and wardrobe pairings can be on a spectrum.

There are times where the type of industry you’re in is a key factor in your fashion choices. For example, many of my clients and those I know in the legal field seem to lean towards grays, navy blues and black. Then, in the entertainment industry, color, shiny and bling seems to be the go-to - the more they stand out the better.

Then, there are the fashion weeks that set the season's trends. Some people set their clocks by this. The moment the ready-to-wear variation of the runway looks hit the stores, it doesn’t have much time on the rack before it’s in your closet. As much as I’m one who loves to see the season's latest trends, it’s amazing how with time fashion seems to recycle. For this reason, I tend to pair old with new.

It’s amazing what we can tell about a person through their fashion choices. Whether it’s expressing your personality, dressing to impress in the boardroom or rocking the latest trend, have fun with it. And, if you need a little help in this department, reach out to me! This is a service Elements of Delight®️ provides!

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