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I Dare You!

Updated: May 6, 2021

While I was getting my outfit together for an upcoming photoshoot, I was debating on what I was going to wear. I settled on a newly purchased Micheal Kors pantsuit, a new hat from my extensive personal collection, and a shirt, or rather a bralette, that I knew would add the cool sexiness I was looking for. I’d also recently decided to be adventurous with my hair. I’ve been hearing for years “blondes have more fun;” so I decided to explore this for myself.

The day had finally come for the photoshoot. My hair and makeup was done and I put on my selected outfit, ready to go. I’ve done plenty of shoots over the years, but something about this one stood out to me. As the camera began to flash, I realized that I felt beautiful, bold, empowered, and strong. I settled into this moment, realizing that as welcomed as they are, we relegate ourselves to believe that we aren’t deserving. Who am I to feel and look my best and showcase this in the world?

My answer: someone that is deserving! Daring to be the happy, confident, sexy, adventurous and unapologetic you is so freeing, especially with the shoot taking place right in the middle of a bustling city. As I posed, onlookers stopped to admire, cheer and compliment me. As much as their kind sentiments didn’t go unnoticed, for me, it was the fact I would have been okay if not one thing was said. Why? Because I felt what they were attesting to on the outside within myself.

Every part of this photoshoot was amazing! What’s even more amazing, is that I have photos that capture this memorable day for me to remember forever. Sometimes the best experiences happen when we take chances. I dare you to chase after these experiences in your own life. Life is meant to be lived so you might as well make it GREAT! I Dare You!!!


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