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Lean Into Your Faith

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Have you ever taken the time to assess why we completely throw conscience to the wind before deciding to let doubt and negative thinking prevail? Is it possibly the result of a preliminary decision to allow your fear to rule instead of faith? I say, it’s worth investigating.

It’s not uncommon that the moment something new or ambitious presents itself there is that immediate feeling or thought: it’s either going to support navigating your faith or your fear. There is no way around it; faith and fear just don’t coincide. When this happens, instead of immediately making a running list of all the cons first, my suggestion would be to start with the pros. This sets a barrier that will start with positive thinking and will support our ability to lean into our faith.

By the time you've decided to approach this idea with an open mind, it’s amazing how all the potential benefits have an opportunity to surface. This gives way to you being able to see the viability of seeing the manifestation of this thing. Certainly, this doesn’t always mean that just because you lean into something with a mindset of faith, that there aren’t times when something just isn’t the right thing for you…but at least you gave the necessary time to access it.

No matter how often we might say to ourselves that we will not allow fear to run our decision-making, there are times when it will still try to creep in. If you have learned to make it a habit to live in fear — making it a way of life — you find these times becoming less and less.

Life can certainly test whether faith or fear wins. If you find yourself having to reprogram leaning into your fear first, just know, with time and intentionality this can be reversed. Faith will take you places, that fear only seeks to stifle.

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