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Mind Your Business

If there is the chance you are one of the primary decision makers, if not the only one, within your company or organization, then you are likely aware of the sheer focus and responsibility of “running things.” Whether that decision is about new hires, meeting payroll, taking on new clients, initiatives or projects, a brand revamp or introducing a new marketing campaign it’s important to understand the “who”, “what” and “why” at the core of your business model.

The “who” is vital because it clarifies your target demographic. Understanding the audience you want to attract or service will help steer the direction of the branding and marketing. Knowing clearly who your audience is can help with generating targeted sales leads. If your company has not clearly defined who your demographic is, there is a good chance whoever your true audience is doesn’t know you exist or understand your benefit to them. Addressing this can be as simple as evaluating the gender (if specific), age and personal interest of your ideal audience.

Whether your company or organization is established or just starting, it’s important to be clear about what the services or products being provided are. It is also just as important to be clear about what your company or organization does not provide. The reason for this, it eliminates the need to be all things to everyone and presents a greater chance of success because there is purpose behind what is done. A mission statement can be very beneficial in helping to define the “what” and ever so often, it should be reviewed to make sure that things stay on course.

Last but not least, there is the all important “why” your company or organization does what it does. In most cases, this is stated in the purpose. Whether this is centered around a family venture, a niche, a social cause or a passion, the “why” is important because it is the foundation for a company or organization’s story. When a story is well defined it presents the perfect opportunity for strong connection, longevity and growth.

The fundamental success of a company or organization is predicated on the understanding of three main things. They are the “who”, “what” and “why”. When the audience, mission and purpose are clear there is alignment. Mind your business and I assure you, unlimited opportunity awaits.


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