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On Your Mark...Get Set...Goals!

There’s nothing like having a goal and seeing it through. What lies in the middle are the stories, memories, and history that make up the journey; it’s those sleepless nights, early mornings, detailed “to-do” lists, and an unrelenting spirit. 

Often times, the emphasis is put on life’s bigger goals, such as buying a home, getting married, furthering your education or even starting a business. Sometimes, just as much attention should be given to the smaller goals like limiting the amount of time on social media, drinking more water, organizing that cluttered kitchen drawer or taking time to read that book that sits on the shelf that you purchased months ago. 

Recently, I completed a goal to go through my wardrobe and bag up all the clothes, shoes and accessories that I had grown tired of or that just didn’t suit my current style. Besides it being a therapeutic experience, I was also able to mark this off as another goal completed. Mission accomplished! Additionally, I had tremendous satisfaction in knowing these items were going to an organization committed to providing resources to those in need. 

The great thing about setting and accomplishing those smaller goals is that it can serve as the fertile ground from which larger goals can be aspired, cultivated and realized. It’s very likely you will encounter brief obstacles, challenges and a lack of motivation from time to time. But, on the other side is the sweet reward of seeing a goal to the end.  

Time has a way of being our best friend, or our worst enemy when it comes to goals. Sometimes, it can just be that we have unrealistic expectations for what is required and how much time will be needed to meet the goal. Writing out your goals or even sharing it with a trusted person in your life can make all the difference in you accomplishing those goals.

Ultimately, whether it’s a big goal or a little one, what’s important is that it provides a positive learning experience for you and those around you. You’ll see how amazing it is for the example we set in fulfilling our goals can be a great motivation to others.


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