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See you at the top!

One bright, beautiful morning plans had been devised to drive up to the #NorthGeorgiaMountains.  The intended destination, the #AmicalolaFallsStatePark. With travel buddy (my daughter), some healthy snacks and plenty of water in tow we started on our journey. The drive was scenic and was a teaser of what was to come. Once arriving to the falls, parking, and armed with a falls site map; complimentary at the gift shop we made our way through a meandering dirt trail. This trail lead to the base of a 729 feet in height falls - the largest in #Georgia.

As my daughter and I stared upward in awe of the beauty of the falls, the reality of the fortitude, dedication, tenacity, and perseverance that would be required to make it to the top was clear. We looked at each other, back to the top, and it was agreed we had what it took to conquer the challenge ahead of us. One steep step at a time we made our way upward. At two or three points along the way we stopped to take a rest, assess our progress and of course snap a few pics. As the sound of the rushing falls got louder and louder the closer we got to the top, it called us upward and onward. Our intended goal was firmly in our grasp. No turning back, we were almost there!

At one point midway the journey, I remember thinking how far I had come, and honestly contemplated the idea of being content to stop at that point. But, that wasn’t the top, the goal, the reason I made this trip, so we snapped more pics and pushed forward. Finally, legs burning, slightly heavier breathing and noticeable sweat beads on our foreheads 3,2,1 steps and we were there. We made it to the top! All the effort, time, and energy were worth it. We stood basking in our accomplishment. At the overlook we accessed just how far we had come.

It was beautiful, exhilarating and profound. And, as I stood there, I recognized the direct correlation between what it took for me to successfully achieve this goal and that of the ones I set in my personal and professional life daily.  It may not be easy, you may want to turn back, but if you don’t victory is yours. So I hope to see you at the top. The view is Amazing!


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