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Summer is here!

The Summer season is an opportunity for a little fun while promoting time to relax and recharge. I’ve been very busy for the past several months. Whether it's been personal or work-related activities and tasks, there hasn’t been much time for either relaxation, recharging or even fun, but for the next three months, I will be scheduling time for a combination of all! The official start of Summer begins on June 21st with the season lasting through September 23rd this year - who knew the Summer season extended that long?! I was born in July, the 16th to be exact, so I’ve always been partial to this time of the year.

I make it a point to take one or two vacations. I absolutely L-O-V-E the beach; swimming in the ocean with the sand between my toes. I find being near water helps me to unplug. I also tend to get in more leisure reading during this time of the year with my preferences being memoirs and autobiographies. At the pool or beach, you can also find me perusing the pages of my favorite fashion and lifestyle magazines. For me, it’s such a wonderful escape that I find enjoyable and relaxing. During the Summer months, I also tend to cook a lot less. Instead, I’m out of the house enjoying my favorite restaurants or seeking out some new spots to try. Since I live within the city, there is always such variety to choose from. I love all types of food, but find that great pizza, burgers, salads and Mexican food, of all types, are often among my staple meals. 

I believe in balance; so as diligent as I am with my work, the same effort goes into making time for fun and relaxation. I can’t think of a better time than the Summer to do this. I’ve been known to take one or two vacations away this time of year, but a good staycation has also proven to be a great way for me to recharge as well. I’m looking forward to my upcoming plans this season. Here’s to the summer - food, folks, and fun!


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