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Tap Into Your Greatness

There is no question that when something or someone is great you can see it, feel it and even taste it. As palpable as you may feel during one of those experiences, it’s just as true that there’s greatness in each one of us. The key is allowing yourself the freedom while gaining confidence or developing the discipline that may be necessary to turn your goodness to greatness. 

With the change in seasons, Fall is a perfect time to hone in on what makes you stand out, what makes you exceptional and what makes you come alive. Once you are clear on this, you must address any fears or challenges and equip yourself with a daily dose of positivity through spiritual guidance, motivational quotes, inspiring stories or uplifting music. 

You also have to be very focused on your goal and put in the time, effort and resources necessary to master and perfect your craft or profession. There may be natural talent, but anyone great at something understands that you have to be committed and dedicated to the process. Depending on what you are looking to be great in, it may take, months and oftentimes years of sweat equity. The good thing is, there are unlimited benefits of honing in on the greatness within you. 

Not only is there tremendous value in doing so, but it’s almost an unwritten rule that it’s certain to inspire someone else. Now, understand, this doesn’t mean you won’t encounter challenges, but, my thought is if you’re going to encounter challenges, whatever you do, it might as well be headed toward achieving your greatness.


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