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The Mark of Success

I was reflecting the other day on how blessed I am. I’m at a place both personally and professionally that glimmers with examples of what most would call “success”. For me, hands down, success for me has been measured through my role as a mom.

The day my firstborn, my son, came into this world I was officially inducted into the mom’s club. I took my role very seriously and was afforded the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom. At an early age, I’ve always seen my son as a quiet warrior who enjoyed independent playtime: an observant, critical thinker, who leads with his empathetic heart for others.

By the time my second child, my daughter, my “Sunshine,” was born, motherhood took on a whole new meaning. From the moment my daughter came into the world she had a curiosity about everything around her. At just a few days old she was holding her head up on her own and everyday since I’ve watched my daughter blaze a trail for herself on her own terms. There is a duality to her personality that is reflected through her creativity, intellect, style and perspective.

For some, success is measured in where they’ve been, the experiences they’ve had, what they’ve accomplished in business and the financial portfolio they’ve garnered. Though I can appreciate those as successes too, my greatest success has come through my role as a mother. I count it to be such a blessing to be a mom. I stand on the shoulders of all the amazing mom’s that have come before me.

To all the women near and far that have been afforded an opportunity to raise and nurture children. To you I say, Happy Mother’s Day!

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