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The Purpose Driven Way

They say some of the happiest people on Earth are those living for their purpose. To say this, it seems that finding one or two clearly defined things is the end goal. I believe living a purpose driven life isn’t just about the fulfillment in a career path or spiritual journey. I think it’s more.

That more is in everything that a person endeavors to do, be and achieve. It’s a way of life. Taking an intentional and thoughtful approach to how you make every day count starts, I believe, with your frame of mind. When you align this with your heart, there is a powerful energy that resonates that helps you show up more present in the world.

Many times this translates into how you’re able to connect with the people around you and even strangers. You are able to appreciate nature more; the song of a bird, the beauty of a butterfly and even the strength in a tree. Making the connection between how you see these observations and the way you show up can oftentimes cause us to lean into evaluating our own purpose.

This purpose doesn’t have to be the exception to the impact we make in meaningful ways but instead inclusive of how we navigate purposefully in every area of our lives. The end result…the most rewarding experiences that you benefit from and those around you.

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