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Transforming in 2022

Happy New Year! We are only a few days into 2022 and like every year before, there are 365 days to be transformative in a number of ways. For some, this can mean a focus on transforming your mind or your body, while for others this could mean a transformation of your soul/spirit.

Elevating your mind can require intentionality. It starts with elevating what your current beliefs are in order to determine what changes you want to see made. Sometimes, only minor adjustments need to be made on your perspective or approach to handle things. Other times may require seeking out professional help in the way of a therapist, coach or mentor. Once you're clear on the tools to achieve your mindset overhaul then it’s important to commit to being consistent about working the process.

This is also very true in the case of a body transformation. Whether you’re looking to achieve your ideal weight, reverse a health diagnosis or change unhealthy eating habits it first starts with the way you think; then you have to actively take the steps needed for your transformation. It’s unrealistic to think you are going to see results overnight, but with time and dedication you’re certain to hit the bullseyes.

Alignment is important so if by chance your focus isn’t on mind or body but instead you’re looking to transform your soul, there is no question this is just as important. Strengthening your spirit/soul will support you manifesting greater things both personally and professionally. One of the best ways to transform spiritually can be through meditation and prayer. There is also value in seeking guidance or being under the teaching of a faith leader. Coupling this with other tools like journaling, reading inspirational books and listening to uplifting music have been known to be transformative.

Whether you are wanting to level up your thinking, you have a goal to improve your health or you want to be more in tune spiritually, the process of a transformation can yield amazing results. But you should recognize that commitment, steadfastness and consistency are the keys to success. Be encouraged that you along with millions of others are walking this transformative path with you, in some way or another, so you are not alone. Slow and steady wins the race. Here’s to 2022: the year of transformation!


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