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What are you waiting on?

A question I find myself asking internally, frequently, and often. Many times, it’s when I’m about to embark on something new or when I feel the onset of, what I call, ‘the convenient busy,’ aka procrastination. When that subtle voice inside says to you: “it’s not your time, you’re not experienced enough, you don’t have what it takes, you’re not famous, who will listen to you?” what will you choose to listen to?

When these words try to penetrate my mind, I reflect on all I have accomplished, the experiences I’ve had and the tenacity that has gotten me to this point thus far. There are times when I certainly wish that life as an entrepreneur was a little bit easier; maybe work days that don’t surpass 8 hours, or successfully managing a calendar that accommodates my packed schedule, or even working diligently to exceed client’s expectations uninterrupted.

Honestly, it can be absolutely exhausting! But, for me, the trade-off is that I get to live out my dream and love every minute of it. Though these aspects are related to my personal entrepreneurial journey, I believe the rewarding feeling of fulfilling a personal vision is undeniably true of any dream.

Sometimes we can find ourselves looking for excuses to postpone or delay going after what we really want for our careers, personal life, relationships, and finances because we’re too afraid of the idea that we’ll fail. To that I say, you are just the person! There is not another soul meant to do what’s needed in order to make that desire or dream become a reality.

The same effort it takes to talk yourself out of something could be the same energy you use to do it, with the added benefit that at least trying brings you closer to a successful outcome.

The time is now for you to make your move. Push passed that nervous feeling in your stomach and that naysaying voice in your head; you’ve got this! The question is now, what are you waiting for? My response...YOU!


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